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Providing lifelong learning opportunities for adults and their families to improve their skills, pursue knowledge, seek advancement, and enhance their self-worth.

The schell-Sweet community Resource Center (SSCRC) provides health eduation and screenig services, computer training, veteran services, community service seminars/workshops, social services, employment referrals, food distribution, and communication activities.


The Schell-Sweet Community Resource Center will continue to be a community and academic support model, promoting positive lifestyle changes and best practices, focusing on health, social, and educational services.


Edward Waters College, through the Schell-Sweet Community Resource Center, is committed to providing senior wellness, prevention services, and a community collaboration network with a direct focus on health, social, and educational services.


  • Provide quality, constituent-friendly services utilizing best practices for students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders.
  • Provide preventative health, education, social, and community services for elderly constituents located in Northwest Jacksonville.

Academic Goals

  • To provide quality baccalaureate degree programs that will prepare students academically and holistically in a global society.
  • To enhance and promote Christian principals, excellence, social responsibility, civic engagement, cooperation, professionalism, quality customer service, student and faculty engagement, and diversity.
  • To respond and collaborate with community, institutional, and global degree and non-degree programs, partnering with distant learning technologies.
  • To provide quality and quantifiable resources and services; promoting quality health care for faculty, students, and community.